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Psaltis Ryobi Group, which was established by Nick Psaltis in 1996 to undertake Property Development and Investment, has developed more than 20 projects of over $300 million in value. These projects have included Residential Land Subdivision, House and Apartment Building and Shopping Centre Construction.

Psaltis Ryobi Group was established by Nick Psaltis and his Singaporean partner Lee Yeok Chai, owner of Ryobi Constructions, to undertake property development and property investment in Australia. Shortly after the establishment of Psaltis Ryobi Group, Nick Psaltis acquired the shareholding held by Ryobi Constructions due to the sudden ill health of Mr Lee Yeok Chai.

Also in 1996, Psaltis Ryobi Group and Sam Tarascio’s company, Salta Properties, established Millennium Properties Pty Ltd to undertake residential property development by utilizing Nick’s and Sam’s respective project management and property development expertise.

Since 1996, Psaltis Ryobi Group has undertaken a wide range of development projects as a direct developer in its own right, as a project manager and developer through Millennium Properties, and as a project manager for external clients.

Nicholas Psaltis

Nick is a qualified Civil Engineer with over 40 years of experience in civil, building, oil and gas pipeline construction, and structural rehabilitation throughout Australia, SE Asia, Europe and the Pacific Islands. Nick has also served on the National Committee of the Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA) and the Victorian Committee of the Australian Federation of Construction Contractors (AFCC).

Psaltis Ryobi Group, established in 1996 by Nick Psaltis, has managed more than 20 projects of over $300 million in value developed directly by Psaltis Ryobi Group, Millennium Properties or external clients.

Projects developed and/or managed by Psaltis Ryobi Group include, Residential Land Subdivision, Housing Construction, High Rise Apartment Building, Shopping Centre Construction, Specialist Commercial Building and Retail Development. Psaltis Ryobi Group has retained ownership of some of the developments it has undertaken which it holds as long term rental properties.

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Psaltis Ryobi Group was established as a Property Development and Project Management company in Australia. Evolving through a joint venture between Psaltis Ryobi Group and Salta Properties, Millennium Properties was brought to life. This partnership has been successful in handling landmark projects and continues this success story today.

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Psaltis Ryobi Group is responsible for the Project Management of all aspects of all projects undertaken by its development arm Millennium Properties (which is jointly owned with Salta Properties), including site identification, feasibility analysis, land acquisition, design, construction, marketing and sales, and for on-going management of retained investments. These projects include: